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Treatments Overview

At Regency House Dental Practice, we offer a comprehensive range of general dentistry and advanced treatments including teeth straightening (orthodontics), cosmetic dentistry (including crowns, veneers & composite bonding) and dental implants.

Regular Dental


Regular dental check-ups allow us to identify dental problems you may have as early as possible, they also allow us to keep your mouth healthy and pain free.

Routine examinations are an effective way of monitoring the teeth and gums, helping to prevent the need for any treatment. In addition, we may ask, and give advice, about your dental health, teeth-cleaning habits, your diet, and lifestyle choices such as smoking and alcohol use. We will also carry out Routine x-rays when required. If treatment is required, the examination can be used to diagnose the required remedial work. and discuss treatment options and prices.

After your dental check-up, we will recommend a date for your next visit. People with good oral health will probably need to attend only once every 6 months but those with more problems will need dental check-ups more often.

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General Dental


Sometimes dental conditions arise that require immediate treatment from your dentist. Whether this is due to a missing tooth, gum disease or another dental problem our friendly team can help. We offer a full range of general dental treatments including extractions, dentures and many more.

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Invisalign® braces will straighten your teeth the invisible way! An attractive smile can change everything. If you are considering Invisalign® treatment and would like to book your consultation with our Invisalign® Dentist, contact us today.

Invisalign® is a gradual method of straightening your teeth in an almost invisible way. The orthodontic treatment uses a series of custom-made clear trays called aligners. Discreet, comfortable and removable, the brace won't interfere with your lifestyle. It can treat a wide range of orthodontic concerns, including crooked teeth, gaps and crowded mouths.

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Did you know that one in four of us in the UK are unhappy with our smile? With advances in modern dentistry, its no longer just a case of filling and taking out teeth. Cosmetic dentistry, or ‘aesthetic dentistry', is used as a means of improving the appearance of teeth.

Used to straighten, reshape, lighten and repair teeth, cosmetic dentistry should always aim to produce natural-looking results for patients. Our wide range of effective cosmetic treatments can help you with your discoloured, worn, chipped or crooked teeth.

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Whether you’ve got toothache or a broken filling, we understand that accidents happen. Dental emergencies can involve a range of scenarios; accidents involving your mouth or teeth can result in cracks, chips, fractures or a knocked-out tooth. An emergency could cause general toothache, jaw pain, infections, bleeding or swelling.

When a dental emergency occurs, it’s important to seek treatment from a qualified dentist. Not only will this increase the chance of saving your tooth (or teeth) but you’ll prevent infections from spreading or becoming more serious.

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Whether through accident or decay, there's no doubt that losing teeth can have an emotional impact. At Regency House Dental Practice we use dental implant technology to replace missing teeth, enhance and rejuvenate your smile and prevent further bone deterioration.

A dental Implant is a small but strong titanium post used in place of a missing tooth root. Dental implants can be used for a wide range of treatment. One implant can replace a single missing tooth, two implants can secure a loose denture, or multiple implants can be used to replace all the teeth in the mouth.

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Root Canal


Root canal treatment is needed when the blood or nerve supply to the tooth (known as the pulp) is infected through decay or injury, which may spread and eventually lead to an abscess.

The aim of this treatment is to remove all infection, after which the root is cleaned and filled to prevent further infection. Root canal treatment is a skilled and time-consuming procedure. Most courses of treatment will involve two or more visits to your dentist.

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