Root Canal Treatment

Save a badly decayed or infected tooth with Root Canal Treatments at Regency House Dental. Avoid pain, swelling an future problems.
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Your Root Canal Treatment In Cheltenham

Bacteria can get inside damaged or decayed teeth. This can cause irritation, pain and swelling. If the tooth becomes infected, this can spread. The aim of root canal treatment is to prevent your tooth from being taken out by removing the damaged pulp and treating the infection.

Treat Infections & Save Teeth

If an infection isn’t treated, it can spread further and cause an abscess. This can be painful, tender and can cause swelling around your tooth and jaw.

Teeth may look darker in colour than your other others, which means that the nerve inside your tooth is dead or dying. Without treatment, the infection may spread further into your jawbone and you may need to have your tooth removed.

At Regency House Dental we specialise in preventative treatments to ensure your future oral health. If you're experiencing toothache or would like to find out more information about root canal treatment, contact us today.
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When is a root canal needed?

If you need a root canal, you may notice these signs:
Sensitive Teeth - especially sensitivity which lingers
Sharp pain when chewing or biting
Chipped or cracked teeth
Swollen or painful gums
If you have any concerns or are having dental pain, please contact Regency House Dental directly to arrange a consultation or treatment. We're always happy to help and our Dentists will advise the best actions for your specific needs.
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Prices for Root Canal

Root Filling - Incisor/Canine
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Root Canal - Premolar
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Root Canal - Molar
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