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Looking for that brilliant white, sparkling smile? Regency House Dental are proud providers of Boutique Whitening. Contact us today for your treatment.
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Teeth Whitening In Cheltenham

Boutique Whitening has won no less than 7 major industry awards over the past 2 years. Regency House Dental provide nothing less than a global revolution in teeth whitening with incredible results.

Are you ready for a whiter, brighter smile?

Our patients often ask, “Can my teeth be whiter?” Fortunately, the answer is usually, “Yes!”

Whiter teeth help us to face the world with a confident smile, radiating good health and youthful energy. These days, we all want a smile that looks clean and fresh. A smile to reflect the pride we take in our own well-being.

Tooth whitening is, however, a treatment that requires proper consultation and professional expertise. Our specialists are here to provide the most effective teeth whitening solution in Cheltenham. Book your consultation with Regency House Dental today.
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Teeth whitening at regency house dental

Tooth whitening is an increasingly popular treatment, and we receive many requests for the procedure. Regency House Dental offer teeth whitening in surgery as well as tailored teeth whitening kits patients can use at home, tooth whitening prescribed and monitored by our dental professionals is effective and safe.
At home kits
Little to no sensitivity
Safe & Effective
Fast, long term results
Regency House dental in Cheltenham offer a range of amazing cosmetic dental treatments. To find out what we have to offer or book a consultation, contact us today.


Prices for teeth whitening

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