Dental Bridges

There are several ways to replace missing teeth. Explore all the options and discuss them with our specialist dentists at regency house dental.
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More about Dental Bridges In Cheltenham

Dental bridges are used to bridge a gap in your mouth. This involves replacing a missing tooth with a false tooth which is bonded to the natural teeth on either side of the gap. These dental bridges commonly consist of two crowns, made of porcelain or metal, which are permanently bonded to your natural teeth either side of the space, with the false tooth or multiple teeth in the middle.

How are dental bridges fitted?

Our dentist in cheltenham will first take an impression of your mouth to create a plaster mould of your teeth and gums. The bridge can be made to perfectly fit your mouth. At this stage, your dentist will also determine the right shade for your bridge, so it matches your natural teeth.

The bridge is then custom-made by a specialised lab technician according to our instructions. Regency House Dental specialists can fit a temporary bridge or crown, while you're waiting for your bespoke bridge to be made.

Once ready, we'll will fit your new bridge. Local anaesthetic will be used before the procedure begins, to block any pain from your gums, but you will stay awake during the procedure. We'll ensure that the bridge fits comfortably and check your bite and position.
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Types of Dental Bridges

There are multiple types of dental bridges in Cheltenham available. Contact us at Regency House Dental to discuss the best option and advantages for each solution. We work with you to ensure each treatment is perfectly tailored to your needs.
Traditional fixed bridge
Maryland dental bridge or resin-bonded bridge
Cantilever Bridges
Implant-supported bridge
There are several ways to replace missing teeth. It’s important to explore all the options available to you. Regency house dental can advise you on the best option for replacing missing teeth and if a dental bridge is the best option.


Prices for dental Bridges

Dental Bridge
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Implant Bridge
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