3D Digital Dental Scanning

3D imaging allows our dentists to get a comprehensive look at your teeth from all angles and diagnose problems that a 2D scanner would not necessarily pick up on. 
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Your 3D Digital Dental Scanning In Cheltenham

3D digital dental scanning makes it easier for us to plan treatments and diagnose conditions with more precision with the ability to view the width, height, and depth of each individual tooth as well as your muscles and nerves.

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Today, 3D dental scans are quick and comfortable. 3D dental imaging uses an X-ray arm that rotates around your head. While rotating, it captures multiple images and sends them to a computer where the computer puts the images together in 3D format. 

Scanners used at regency house dental are top of the class when it comes to 3D dental imaging.  These scans are often used in early detection of dental conditions which save patients a lot of appointments long term. 

For more information on 3d digital dental scanning or preparation for dental implants in cheltenham, contact regency house dental today.
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When is 3D Dental imaging used?

3D imaging can prepare patients for reconstructive and oral surgery – it gives the dentist a better ability to effectively plan more complex treatments. As well as identify Orthodontic issues.
Cosmetic Treatment Plans
Restorative Preparation
Diagnosing Orthodontic Issues
Placement for Dental Implants
3D Dental Imaging used in our Cheltenham practice provides customisable and efficient one-time fitting sessions ascertaining the correct placement for dental implants. Contact us to find out more about Dental Implants.
Dental Implants


Prices for dental imaging

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X-Ray - Bite Wing
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Colour Photos
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